Congratulations Xing Chen on your Appointment to Chief Engineer

Shane Chief Engineer

Congratulations Xing Chen on your Appointment to Chief Engineer

With Handling Specialty since February 2016 as the Lead Mechanical Engineer, Shane (Xing)Chen has shown exceptional design skills including his expertise in mathematics, stress analysis, and design verifications while contributing and participating in the company culture. Shannon Clinton, Handling Specialty’s Engineering Manager says, “The management of Handling Specialty has unanimously agreed that our new Chief Engineer will be Xing Chen.  Xing’s professional work ethic and commitment to the well-being of our engineering efforts, have made this decision effortless, and pleasurable.”

As a long-standing member of the ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS of ONTARIO (APEO), Handling Specialty understands that this is a very important role given the challenges associated with our many projects and our legal/ethical commitment to safety, structural integrity, and risk-intensive decisions.

We know Xing will continue to grow and shape the future of Handling Specialty’s engineering offerings through design oversight, technical guidance, and applicable training.

Congratulations, Shane!