Better Late then Never – Rail Drop Table Assembly in India

Application 3

Bangalore , India, March 2016

The Tender for this project was bid in late 2009, for a Whiting 50 ton drop table with two service tops and one bascule top for SWR (South Western Railways) in their Bangalore Facility.

Whiting officially won the order in late 2010 and it wasn’t until early 2012 that the SWR agreed on the Letter of Credit for payment.

Handling Specialty took the order to manufacture the equipment via Whiting in 2012 and shipped the product in mid 2013.

South West Railways did not complete construction on their pit to house the new drop table and bascule top equipment until early 2015.

When the pit was completed, one Whiting and one Handling Specialty technicians were sent to Bangalore to over-see the installation and commissioning in Feb/March of 2016.

Flowers and food were brought in along with an Indian Holy man in a “blessing ritual” which was performed once the units were installed.

Whiting and Handling Specialty have another drop table in operation in Ahmedabad, India, installed in 2014, and another in Hubli, from 2002, which is still performing well for our client.

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