Rudi Kroeker

Welcome to Handling Specialty. In July 2011, Handling Specialty became part of Whiting Equipment Canada Inc., within the Whiting Corporation’s family of companies.

The joining of Handling Specialty and Whiting brings together two companies with one sole and unwavering focus: to, above all else, place Customers first. The blended company melds together over 150 years of doing business the right way -- every day -- to ensure Customers have the exact solution needed to achieve success.

I am proud and honored to be a part of this family of companies, and strongly believe our product, service and capability offering is unmatched by any other organization. We have the long-standing reputation, commitment to quality and international breadth to support this statement.

If you are already our Customer, we thank you for your business and look forward to the honor of continuing to work with you. If you are not yet our Customer, we extend a warm welcome and invite you to learn more about our companies through our websites, or to contact myself, or a member of our team, directly. Our highest priority is to help you succeed, and we ask you for the opportunity to stand behind our promise.

H.-Rudi Kroeker, P. Eng.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Handling Specialty Manufacturing Ltd. and 
Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.



Thomas Beach

I would first like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and trust that you will find its contents informative. Equally, we hope that you will come to appreciate that there is an overwhelming interest at Handling Specialty to not only build great equipment, but also great relationships.

Handling Specialty has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 1961. Our experience in prototype lifting equipment is unmatched in the industry. When we combine our extensive history with our professional and competent staff, we deliver the supplier confidence you deserve. We will not just tell you about our experience, we will prove it. After all, our real goal is to have you back!

Our experience in custom equipment and special projects goes well beyond the obvious requirements. We reach into the realities of big project planning by respecting all the ingredients of success; concurrent engineering, logistics planning, manufacturing timeliness, project management programs, construction timelines and start-up confidence to name a few …. and we do this with unwavering attention to client camaraderie.

In joining the Whiting Group of Companies, we instantly position ourselves for growth in the global marketplace as well as at home on North American soil. Whiting’s experience and presence around the world will provide Handling Specialty with the tools and guidance we need to ensure we maintain and grow our global reputation. We are excited to be part of this long standing professional group and our team is keen to show you how our portfolio of products and talent has reached new heights.

I encourage you to give us a call and learn more about our passion for success. We learned long ago that when you combine experience and attitude with courage and initiative, you will deliver world class results. We would appreciate the opportunity to prove this to you.

Thomas Beach