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Robust Personnel Lift

When your assembly process requires up/down motion to position your technicians with 360-degree access to the product, Handling Specialty should be your first call.

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Four-Post Rotators

Four-Post Rotators will Excite your Material Handling Needs Whichever industry you’re in; if your application requires assembly of large, heavy-capacity engines or other large-scale equipment, a rotating lift is your best...

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Transportation Industry Handling Equipment

Transportation Industry Handling Equipment Keeps Customers Coming back Heavy rail and transportation material handling equipment has been a large part of Handling Specialty’s portfolio for years.

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Aerospace AGV

AGV’s and Aerospace Assembly

AGVs are a perfect fit for aerospace assembly lines and material handling where your facility requires 24/7 operation, lift or rotation, high-duty cycles or heavy payload transport.

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Manually Guided Transporters

Manually Guided Transporters in the Energy Industry. An MGV can be as big or as small as the application demands. At Handling Specialty, we don’t really build small.

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Automotive Lift Systems

This hot-dip galvanized automotive lift system will be used in a water spray booth for testing leaks in vehicles at a major vehicle manufacturer in Toledo, OH.

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Material Handling Accounting

Meet Debbie Guild, with Handling Specialty since 1979! On May 20, 1979, I received a phone call for an interview. I agreed to meet the gentleman who called.

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AGVs Simplify Assembly

Move your product effortlessly with Automated or Manually Guided Vehicles.  Design your facility’s path, lay the magnetic stripe on the assembly floor and place your AGV’s.

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Russell Johnston to Receive Prestigious Award

The Council of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists have awarded Russell Johnston, of Handling Specialty, the George Burwash Langford Memorial award in recognition of outstanding technical...

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Underwater Stage Lifts – A Legacy

Underwater Stage Lifts – A Legacy Did you know that Handling Specialty has designed, manufactured and installed the underwater stage lifts for all of the Oasis-class Royal Caribbean Aquatheaters? Our success in...

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Steel Handling Problems Solved

Ladle lifts solve steel industry re-bricking problem The term ladle in the steel industry essentially shares its name with a soup ladle in that it holds a liquid.

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Automotive Handling Equipment

Stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a set shape....

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Manufacturing for Manufacturers

Who Manufactures Equipment for the Manufacturers? Every large, complex product requires an equally complex design around the manufacturing of said product.

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