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Material Handling and Process Industries

From steel manufacturing to mining operations,  food production, paper mills and plastics, process manufacturing is a far-reaching industry which services an enormous range of B2B and B2C customers.

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QR Code Service Stickers

Ordering replacement parts or making a service request should be the easiest step in having your Handling Specialty equipment serviced.

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The Evolution of Plant 2

Handling Specialty added 80,000 square feet to our manufacturing capabilities in 2007 by renting space in Hamilton, Ontario.

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In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly

In-Ground Turbine Lift Assembly In order to build out turbines for power generation, Handling Specialty engineers custom in-ground lifts to be placed in pits fully assembled so technicians can work on...

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Time-lapse: Bringing Equipment to Life

Because of the sheer size and escalating complexities of Handling Specialty’s material handling equipment, filming a build with time-lapse photography gave marketing a new tool to get across the magnitude...

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Aviation Week MRO Cover

Aviation Week Spotlight

If you’re in the business of assembling major components for the aviation industry, then you know Handling Specialty is the right fit for your company.

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Automotive Turntables

Automotive Turntables From entertainment to the automotive industry, manual and automated turntables play a role in multiple industries.

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Circular Stages for Theaters

Described as a unique theatre-in-the-round, the Circle Theatre at the Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA makes an ideal setting for experimental plays, original material, and other works enhanced by...

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Innovation in Material Handling

Innovation is at the core of everything Handling Specialty designs. Why? Because virtually every order we receive is to solve a specific application required by our customer.

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