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AGVs in Lift and Hoist Magazine

Our AGV article was picked up by Lift and Hoist Magazine for the month of April, urging manufacturers to consult experienced suppliers when automating heavy material handling tasks in production...

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AGVs for Manufacturing and Assembly

Familiarize yourself with AGVs for manufacturing Automatic guided vehicles should be on your radar if you’re looking into adding or improving automation in your assembly or manufacturing facility.

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Manufacturing Through COVID-19

From the start, Handling Specialty has been grateful for having been labeled ‘essential’ in that we support multiple industries who manufacture and assemble and maintain equipment and products deemed ‘essential’...

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Manually Guided Vehicles and Rail

Handling Specialty’s manually guided vehicles (MGVs) are designed to raise and traverse heavy loads and are robustly engineered for service in the rail/transportation industry.

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Benefit from Experience

How Architecture & Engineering Firms Benefit from Handling Specialty Architecture & Engineering (A&E) firms provide professional services to support large industrial and infrastructure projects across a wide range of market segments....

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Material Handling Work Positioners

As the name implies, a work positioner efficiently and safely positions a product for assembly, maintenance or repair in an ergonomic fashion which offers easy access to every component for...

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Forklift Service Lift

The Excalibur In 1993 Handling Specialty acquired the manufacturing rights to the Forklift Service platform called Excalibur.

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Promoting The Trades and Handling Specialty

When an educational/community relations opportunity came up through the Hamilton and Oshawa Port Authority, who are working with the Industry Education Council of Hamilton about promoting careers in the skilled...

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Dealer Outreach Custom Material Handling

Do you know how Handling Specialty can help grow your business? Custom material handling equipment is what we do, from technical sales to engineering, manufacturing, installation, training, service and parts.

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Staying Informed on Material Handling

Handling Specialty has been building custom equipment for the material handling industry since 1963 and has diversified its industry reach from automotive to aerospace, entertainment, advanced manufacturing, rail and transportation,...

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