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Personell Lifts

Material Handling Solutions for Industry

When we discuss material handling solutions for industry, what are we talking about? The term industry integrates multiple businesses including manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, and repair operations.

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In-Floor Scissor Lift

In-floor scissor lift systems are an ideal choice for facilities looking to operate the maximum number of vehicles & machinery per square foot but may have a limited-service area.

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Custom rail MRO material handling equipment

Handling Specialty is right on track when it comes to the design, manufacture and installation of custom material handling equipment utilized for rail/transportation manufacturing and MRO operations.

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Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift

Heavy Duty 4 Post Lift: To lift a vehicle or machinery that weighs in excess of 12,000 lbs. requires specialized lifting equipment like a heavy duty four post lift.

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Unloader Lift with cart

AGV Solutions

Manufacturing and many other industries have a great demand for material handling equipment to move goods, equipment, and materials in their production process.

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Ladle lift for steel industry

Full Rise Scissor Lift

The full rise scissor lift has become a popular and versatile asset for automotive repair shops, well-known chains of muffler, brake and tire replacement, and 5-minute oil change outlets.

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Custom scissor lift for robotic paint cell2

Mid Rise Scissor Lift

A mid rise scissor lift is a machine used to raise vehicles when they need work to be carried out on the underside.

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Maintaining Theatre Stage Lifts

Is your stage equipment ready to invite your audience back?We know you’re ready, but Handling Specialty asks the question of whether your stage lift equipment is.

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What is a Scissor Lift Table?

A scissor lift table is a great tool that elevates a work surface to a comfortable working height. Back injuries are common with manual work.

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Get to Know Four Post Lifts

Four Post LiftA four post lift is a mechanical lifting system which relies on 4 posts to lift a piece of equipment, or a vehicle to a specified height in...

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Hydraulic Scissor Lift for Entertainment Industry

Heavy-duty Scissor Lifts

Heavy-Duty Scissor Lifts for Material HandlingA heavy-duty scissor lift is a mechanical lifting device built for the specific purpose of raising and lowering product and or people to a desired...

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MGV with Extension collage

MGV for Assembly Processes

Manual Guided Vehicles for Assembly ProcessesHandling Specialty recently completed an order for seven manually guided vehicles (MGV’s) for use in the assembly of military style side by sides.

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