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Winter is here are you ready?

  Winter is here; and for many locations it signals an important opportunity to focus on the maintenance of your material handling equipment.

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Power-Gen Thank you

  We hope those of you who traveled to the Power-Gen show in Las Vegas last week enjoyed your trip.

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Move Steel Easily

How do you move heavy loads of steel from one station to another? Handling Specialty’s custom engineered, rugged transfer vehicles offer flexibility to their designs allowing for the easy extension to...

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Nose Cone Gantries

Nose Cone Gantries How do you change a windshield wiper on a rail vehicle that has a curved and sloped front? Many companies have turned to using Handling Specialty’s Nose Cone Gantry....

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Large Scale Theater Lifts

Large Scale Theater Lifts for Productions Whether Circular, square, rectangular or another custom shape built to fit your production or theater stage, Handling Specialty can build the Stage lift to match...

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

Where We Build Big Things So Our Customers Can Build Big Things Handling Specialty has two facilities with our head office in the free-trade corridor of the golden horseshoe in Ontario,...

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Rail-Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts

  Rail/Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts and Platforms The Rail and Transportation industry is a multifaceted and complex enterprise requiring heavy, reliable and robust equipment to move, lift and rotate massive rail vehicles...

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Mechanical Lifts for Steel Industry

  The hazardous and rigorous demands of the metal processing industry requires equipment that is robust, reliable and satisfies stringent safety standards. Handling Specialty builds to these specifications.

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Turbine Rotating Mast Lifts

Whether for equipment inspection, maintenance or assembly, handling Specialty can design, build and support your next Turbine rotator or tilter.

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Specialized Material Handling Equipment

  Do You Use Specialized Material Handling Equipment?   Custom material handling solutions for specialized applications is what we do, and there are multiple examples of our custom work throughout our website....

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Backstage Theater Lifts

Backstage Theater Lifts, an Essential Part of Your Audience’s Experience Handling Specialty custom engineers, manufactures and installs backstage lifting devices for theaters all over the world.

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Aero Engine Assembly Lifts

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the Aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines.

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Aerospace test cell man lifts

  To assist our many aerospace customers in conducting performance testing on aero engines, Handling Specialty manufactures Custom material handling equipment designed to operate within the client’s test cells to their...

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Aero-engine transporters

Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment to the aerospace Industry utilized in the assembly, testing and MRO of aero engines.

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Rail maintenance lift and positioning

  Rail Maintenance Lift and Positioning Equipment Do you require locomotive maintenance equipment to perform repairs and/or cleaning to the front end of your locomotives? Handling Specialty has designed the perfect option...

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Transportation Paint Booth Lift Systems

  Paint booth lifts for Rail and Transportation Manufacturing/Maintenance Paint booths for multiple industries can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to be applied to your industry’s specific requirements whether...

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Just Add Water-Underwater stage lift

  Steeped in decades of experience with multiple entertainment customers, one of Handling Specialty’s ground-breaking achievements has been our ability to provide underwater Stage lifts.

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MGV for Aerospace

  Manually Guided Vehicles are making their way into every industry, as the need for more customized options to move parts, or assist in the assembly process are realized.

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