Will More Automation Follow Pandemic

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It’s a serious question being posed by some of our clients where assembly and manufacturing are concerned. Automated Guided Vehicles have exploded onto the assembly floor in recent years gaining more and more intelligence as designers and engineers receive feedback from customers and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) expands its influence.

Of course, not all assembly work and manufacturing roles will become automated, people will be required to ensure equipment is functioning properly and to maintain the machines. Custom equipment will always be a requirement in the assembly and manufacturing industries as well, and so building material handling equipment for these operations will require a much more personal touch. Custom equipment cannot be built through automation, by definition they are not a standard offering. Therefore, people power; electricians, welders, millwrights, installers, service and maintenance staff will always be necessary and prized in a business such as Handling Specialty. Building big things to help our customers build big things is more than a slogan, it’s a fact; and as aerospace, energy, rail, entertainment, automotive,  steel and process industry specifications change and revolutionize their industries, material handling equipment customized for their specific application needs, must also transform to conform to new assembly requirements.

Custom material handling supporting all of these industries was deemed an essential service in Canada at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and continues to service and build equipment to keep industries going, even through these unprecedented times. That alone should tell you how important and necessary companies like Handling Specialty are and how they will continue to be so far into the future.

Will automation rise across all industries? Undoubtedly, yes. Will all industries require new equipment to assemble their products? Absolutely. Will those products require custom material handling equipment to accomplish their needs? No question. Do custom material handling companies require tradespeople? Yes, they do. Automation must be imagined, designed and then built and serviced. That is what Handling Specialty does through hiring the very best talent from sales and engineering to millwrights and painters.

So, when talk of automating a factory is brought up, think of the people who are building the equipment to create the product. People will always have a place at Handling Specialty.

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