Why Facilities Matter in Material Handling Manufacturing

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Why Facilities Matter in Material Handling Manufacturing

It should be obvious why facilities matter in material handling when your design commands a very large footprint to build. Whether it is a single four-post lift spanning many square feet, or a dozen AGVs which require space to build and test, the company you choose to create your material handling product needs the space, equipment and personnel to efficiently complete your project on time and on budget.

Consider a turnkey design/build firm like Handling Specialty who have offices and two plants that cater to custom material handling solutions for multiple industries. With several projects on the go at all times, a dynamic material handling company requires the space and the talent to work on multiple jobs at once. In the office you’ll want to find their sales, engineering, marketing, purchasing, parts and services, installation and quality assurance departments. Project managers, operations, shipping and logistics, safety, HR, accounting and other departments will live in a cohesive environment where they can communicate with one another on all projects.

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In the manufacturing plants where the equipment is built, there should be plenty of square footage and an array of equipment in place to safely and efficiently build your projects. For instance, does your design/build firm include equipment most companies would farm out like Blast & Paint booths? How high are the ceilings and will they accommodate your material handling build? Do their facilities include multiple cranes, hoists, jibs, and bridges designed to support their operations? Are there several weld cells set up to perform the work in a cohesive environment? Do they have space to store your material handling equipment and ample room to allow 18 wheelers inside to pack and ship your custom equipment?

When it’s time to review your material handling equipment can they offer their visitors conference rooms during the factory acceptance tests? If a customer is unavailable to be in the shop physically, do they have Wi-Fi cameras to carry the FAT on virtually?

Each of these items need to be checked off when you’re looking for a design/build firm for custom material handling equipment. The more the company can offer to do in-house, the more efficient the process becomes.

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A Sales Department: who knows the material handling industry intimately and can supply case studies that follow your specific needs to make your project a success.

Engineering Department: Who have developed material handling solutions for your requirements and listen to your input.

Purchasing Department: Who have an impressive list of brands to pull from when buying parts for your projects.

Parts & Services Department: Who are skilled in supporting your specific, custom equipment needs.

Quality Assurance Department/Safety: Who bring the very best to the forefront when working on your project to keep quality high and safety top of mind.

Project Managers: Who are experienced in multiple industry builds and will put your project above all others.

Operations Department: Who are embedded in their processes and confidently oversee ll operations on the shop floor and beyond.

Shipping & Logistics Department: Who have prepared and shipped their products all over the world on trucks, trains, planes, and ships.

Blast & Paint Booths: Who are run by competent professionals trained to NACE and SSPC specifications.

Trades: Who are trained in their respective fields to weld, build hydraulics, run electrical and program equipment to function as intended.

There are many aspects to consider when deciding on your material handling manufacturer and many intricate pieces that need to come together to best serve you. When you consider turn-key services within the design/build company, you’ll find a stable, reliable and trusted source who have the tools and the talent to work with you on your material handling solutions.

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