Why Automotive Personnel Lifts

auto personnel lift

Custom Personnel Lifts and work platforms can be much more then simple scissor lifts. Often, they are required in designs that will not allow for a standard lift and that's where our advanced experience in engineering and manufacturing become your greatest partner. Personnel platforms can touch every industry in multiple ways such as manufacturing, assembly, painting, maintenance, welding, and inspection.

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Placed in an automotive assembly work cell, these practical, custom models of equipment offer customers the flexibility to take on new and different shapes to better serve their application.  As the name implies, a Personnel lift places technicians around a product to assist in an ergonomic and efficient assembly process. There are a number of options to consider beyond the shape of the equipment such as sliding bridges to move a technician into place as well as the ability to stop at any location while traversing up and down.

In this example of an automotive manufacturing personnel lift, two lifts are positioned on either side of the car body so technicians can approach the product from either side while an inspection is carried out.

Safety is built into all of Handling Specialty’s personnel lifts to help ensure the safety of both employees and product. Available features include Safety Touch Tape Switches, Multiple Limit Switches, Maintenance Lock-up Bars, Two operator pushbutton stations, and a vertical stabilizing guide assembly.

Automotive personnel lifts

The Handling Specialty Technical Sales Team will sit with you and discuss in detail your application needs, tour a facility and help to realize your vision for your factory. This conversation can be over a new facility or upgrading an existing facility to improve efficiency on the manufacturing floor.

To learn more about Personnel Lifts please contact our Sales Manager.