What is an Aerospace Wind Baffle or TCS

Wind Baffle

What’s more, how do you get a thirty-two-foot diameter spherical wind baffle from point A to B, and then raise and lower the unit so it can link up to the test engine? That’s where Handling Specialty comes in. The pictured Test Operation wind baffle in Southern Ohio has one of their honeycomb designed wind baffles secured to our TCS Dome cart, imagined and manufactured by Handling Specialty.

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But what is an aerospace wind baffle?  Technically, they're known as Turbulence Control Structures, or a TCS, which has gained widespread adoption throughout the industry since it was patented in 1981 by a pair of Boeing engineers. The TCS helps by smoothing out the flow of air into a jet engine during simulations of engine distress; such as changes in fuel flow and engine deterioration of the compressor and turbine. At 30,000 lbs, the wind baffle is a substantial piece of equipment, and Handling Specialty was asked to design a robust cart capable of suspending the honeycomb orb while including precise movement both on the horizontal and vertical planes.

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