What is a Scissor Lift Table?


A scissor lift table is a great tool that elevates a work surface to a comfortable working height. Back injuries are common with manual work. The repetitive motion of bending and lifting can take its toll over time. One solution to reduce injury is a scissor lift table; whether loading and offloading vehicles or stacking shelves, a scissor lift eliminates the burden of lifting heavy packages from an operator.

Scissor lifts are also used to assist technicians in performing repairs. An industrial scissor lift table keeps tools within reach, allowing the technician to perform their duties in a comfortable position. The scissor lift table design raises tools and job parts and keeps them in place. It increases productivity and safety. A range of scissor lift tables can be purchased off-the-shelf to address many operating configurations. However, if these models are unsuitable for your application, a good manufacturer will work with you to spec out and build a custom scissor lift table to your specifications. We'll talk more about custom scissor lift tables in the model section of this post.

Scissor Lift Table - Features

A Wide Range of Options

Scissor lift tables come in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Whether your operators use them as a working table or to restock the shelves in a warehouse, a model is suitable for whatever you need. Scissor lift tables vary in platform size, capacity, and lifting mechanism.

Stationary or Portable

Larger lifts are likely to be stationary, such a those used by technicians as a workstation. If you need to repair an aero-engine or assemble large components for a machine, an immobile work surface might be a better solution for that type of work. But, if you need a scissor lift table as a tool to transport components from one point to the other, then a scissor lift table cart is a better alternative.

Accessible Control Panel for Service and Maintenance

P1030402 smallAll industrial machines need regular inspection and maintenance for safety and to reduce operational downtime. The scissor lift design makes maintenance easy when the need arises. It is important to keep the number of hours the scissor lift table is out of service to a minimum. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that the lift table remains in operation and performs optimally for many years.

Customizable Models

No two businesses are the same, so the scissor lift table design will vary accordingly. At Handling Specialty, we can combine different aspects of a scissor lift table to meet your application requirements. For example, we can change the platform steel surface for something that offers more traction or is easier to clean. In addition, we can build in ramps to facilitate loading the scissor lift. Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise and experience to combine different components parts to build and deliver a custom scissor lift table that meets your needs.

Scissor Lift Table Models

Industrial Lifts

HPU LiftHydraulic-powered scissor lift tables are ideal for heavy-duty industrial use, lifting loads of any custom capacity the client requires. They are manufactured from the highest quality steel components. The hydraulic system is designed to minimize hydraulic leaks. Industrial scissor lifts can be used to load heavy objects onto trucks or aircraft. The scissor lift table design is engineered for continuous use and for maximum durability.

Ball Screw Scissor Lift

For smaller loads and where precision is required, a ball screw scissor lift is an ideal model. Designed to operate with smaller loads than the industrial model, they work quickly. Handling Specialty ball screw scissor lifts are electric-powered and ideal for integrating into most automated systems because they are easy to program and positioned precisely. The scissor lift design makes them popular in automated manufacturing plants that use robotics. They are built to be mobile and are comparatively lightweight.

Miniature Scissor Lift

Our miniature scissor lift tables are designed for maneuverability around a shop floor. Their low profile makes them easy to load, and the narrow frame allows them to fit in tight spaces.
The carrying capacity of a miniature scissor lift can also be customized. They are often used in retail and warehouse settings to aid operators in restocking shelves. They can be mobile, fitted with non-marking tires, a secured brake, and a safety lock system to keep the lift in place while in use or as specialized tooling on an AGV.

Custom Scissor Lift Design and Build

There is no need to confine yourself to off-the-shelf models. We can specify, design, and manufacture scissor lift tables to address your operational needs.

We have designed rotating tables to ease assembly in manufacturing or to fit spherical objects that require a rougher surface and fasteners to keep them in place. We can design and build a scissor lift table that will allow you to perform any assembly or equipment handling process.

We can modify scissor lift tables to move in tracks rather than on wheels or to be fitted as part of an automated guided vehicle (AGV). We have delivered many custom scissor lift table designs to clients worldwide.

Scissor lifts are an essential tool in any work that requires regular heavy lifting. At Handling Specialty, we understand that increased productivity is a vital part of growth. We have the experience and know-how to make a scissor lift table that's durable, efficient, maintainable, and competitively priced, and backed by an extensive warranty program.

In 55 years of operation, we have never compromised on quality. We have made a name for ourselves by building custom aerial lifts for various industries, and we can do the same for you. If you'd like to learn more about a scissor lift table design or any of our product lines, please talk to us.