What Equipment Encompasses Aerospace Manufacturing?

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What Equipment Encompasses Aerospace Manufacturing?

When considering what equipment encompasses Aerospace manufacturing, look no further than Handling Specialty. With turn-key solutions for your Aerospace facility, you’ll receive the expert advice and manufacturing prowess to make your operation the most efficient possible.

What Material Handling Equipment is most common for Aerospace Manufacturing?

The most common material handling equipment for aerospace manufacturing is almost always custom designed to meet a customer’s specific application needs. Aerospace custom material handling solutions are a niche skill and one you will want to spend time researching.

Common solutions to help your aerospace manufacturing operation run efficiently include the following:

  • Engine Dress Bay Lifting Systems, also known as Four-post lifts. These massive structures are used to lift and position large jet engines for assembly and prep and can also be used in testing the engines. Engine dress bay will have special tooling affixed to the lift to pick up the engine, rotate it, and be equipped with multiple hoists.
  • Automated Guided Vehicles, also known as AGVs are used to transport the jet engines through the assembly processes. These units can also come as manually guided, controlled by an operator rather than autonomously. AN AGV for aerospace manufacturing might include specialized tooling per the client’s needs such as rotators, tilters, turntables, and scissor lifts.
  • Aero Engine Work Stations are mounted in a pit and are used to lift and hold the jet engine during the assembly process. With this lift, the technicians can adjust the height of the engine to their specific ergonomic requirements.
  • Jet Engine test cells require custom scissor lifts to hoist the engine into position. These lifts can be outfitted with custom tooling to keep the engine stationary.
  • Custom Scissor Lifts for Aerospace manufacturing are often employed to accommodate the manufacturing processes as well.
  • 3-Axis Mast Lifts for painting Aerospace fuselages are an important part of the material handling solutions for your Aerospace manufacturing facility.

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Though these are integral solutions for Aerospace engine manufacturing operations, there are many more custom Aerospace equipment solutions to consider.

Handling Specialty is a trusted, experienced design/build firm for the global Aerospace manufacturing and MRO community. We’re available to visit your facility and offer our technical advice and consultation to assist in making your facility a safe, and efficient operation.

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