What custom material handling really means

What custom material handling really means:

Custom material handling is not just a buzz term to excite the search engines. At Handling Specialty custom means quality. Custom stands for something. It stands for integrity, creativity, experience, engineering, manufacturing, support, passion and the trust placed in the people employed to imagine the custom solution that will transform a factory, facility or warehouse for the better. Custom material handling is more than three words strung together to attract business. Building custom equipment is a way of life. It requires technically savvy sales people, an engineering department which includes hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, software designers, purchasing departments skilled in procuring the proper equipment, manufacturing professionals to piece together the newly imagined equipment, knowledgeable installation, training and after-market professionals who will support and maintain the custom material handling equipment. With so many important roles involved in the process, a synergy between departments to allow for a seamless flow of ideas and experience is absolutely necessary in seeing each project through.

So why choose Handling Specialty for this task? Over 50 years of engineering, manufacturing and support services. Countless case studies with an impressive client portfolio, testimonials from industry leaders, repeat customers and an employee-centric attitude. Educating and keeping our employees involved in each success is an important function of Handling Specialty because we believe the more involved we all are in the end result, the more pride goes into our next project.

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Handling Specialty is always pushing boundaries and recently has improved the custom AGV (automated guided vehicle) market, winning projects across multiple industries with our latest technological advancements.

Custom material handling is what we do. Discover the difference Handling Specialty can offer your company by inquiring today with your application requirements. Looking for more information on Custom Equipment?