Vertical Drop Lifter

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My Automotive Operations Require an Accurate Elevation Change Between Conveyance Lines which will Talk to my Mainframe.

Drop lifter

A Vertical Drop Lifter is a machine which can be used to move products automatically from one level to another. The technology which drives it can be as simple or as advanced as a client prefers.

Equipped with precise positioning devices, the Vertical Drop Lift is a very effective product to conveniently raise and lower material in factories where it needs to move from one level to another, transporting unit loads between two levels with speed and care.

Handling Specialty vertical drop lifts are custom designed for virtually any size load to meet each customer’s specific application needs with back-up anti-collapse safety systems. A vertical drop lifter from Handling Specialty will also communicate with a client’s mainframe controls simply and effectively to ensure proper operation during every cycle.

Feed and discharge your product efficiently and with the peace of mind only Handling Specialty can offer with its engineered to order vertical drop lifters, designed to lift and move your application’s weight requirements with its vibration-free movement – which is a Hallmark in Handling’s vertical drop lifters - offering a smooth ride, ensuring the product arrive undamaged from one level to the next.

Eliminate down-time in your automotive operations with vertical drop lifter designs built to support your processes.

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