Understanding Material Handling Core Competencies

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Understanding Material Handling Core Competencies

Core competencies in the material handling industry define capabilities or advantages that distinguishes a manufacturer from its competitors. Nowhere is this more important than in the design and manufacture of your material handling equipment. Safety and efficiency go hand in hand with the engineering and manufacture of custom material handling equipment. It should work as intended and be constructed with premium parts, steel, and superior talent performing the welds, hydraulic, electrical, programming, paint, shipping, install, training and aftermarket support. In essence, when shopping for a material handling supplier, look for a company that can offer a turn-key experience.

Core competencies in material handling covers multiple trades, but also the facilities that produce the custom equipment. Considering your project’s size, capacities, operation and uses, you will want to review your potential material handling company’s facilities.

What square footage are they working with? Can they produce multiple projects at once? Is the shop’s ceiling height going to allow for your project’s build? Do they have in-house blast and paint? Can they crate your control panels in-house? Can they show you similar builds in their portfolio?

These are basic but important questions to ask when approaching material handling companies. An obvious edge when considering your custom material handling company is the idea that they can take the project from conceptual design to installation, training and service. Are they skilled in engineering custom material handling equipment for multiple industries? Can they take those plans and manufacture them, test, package, ship and install the equipment all over the world? Look for the company who includes every aspect of the project under one roof. Review their core competencies and case studies that closely reflect your own project.

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Developing hydraulic systems, building custom control panels and writing the programs that operate these robust material handling solutions are a skillset that can not be overstated. When every aspect of your project begins and ends in-house, the cohesiveness of the project allows for a more efficient build.

Look for experience and longevity within the company’s respective fields, its value statement, a proven track record for building, installing and maintaining innovative, dynamic, durable designs for assembly, manufacturing and MRO operations. Material handling solutions are a conversation, so get to know the technical sales team within the corporation, tell them your story and listen to theirs. A competent sales team should be able to suggest solutions to your operation that will build on safety and efficiency through their own experiences. Whatever your industry, a diversified material handling company who have (and continue to) perform for multiple industries should be your preferred choice. When a company can draw from other industry examples to build a better material handling solution for your operation, you’re working with a team who has the core competencies to engineer and build the perfect custom material handling equipment for your specific needs.

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Look for a company whose reputation is one of a competent problem-solver; building their reputation by providing unique, custom engineered material handling and industrial automation solutions that stand the test of time. Unmatched problem-solving techniques will help you achieve success by offering solutions for improved efficiency, quality and safety at your assembly and manufacturing operations. Additionally, strategic planning, excellent organizational skills, leadership and personnel management, project management, and attention to details are all qualities that are apparent in a company who are up front about their core competencies.

Strategic planning is an essential competency to approach any custom material handling project. Excellent organizational skills should be apparent when dealing with a competent material handling manufacturer. Leadership qualities can be found in successful case studies of projects managed in the past, while an experienced project manager can take a complicated material handling job and make it work seamlessly. Attention to detail is a necessary core competency to manage any sizable material handling project efficiently and without interruption.

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