Turbine Rotating Mast Lifts

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Whether for equipment inspection, maintenance or assembly, handling Specialty can design, build and support your next Turbine rotator or tilter. Skilled in the engineering and manufacturing of turbine handling equipment, our technical sales group will offer expert consultations, our engineering department will design brilliant renderings, and Handling’s experienced manufacturing team will build your rotator or tilter to order.

Prized as the premiere solutions providers for the Energy industry, HSML has a long history of creating robust, custom material handling equipment for our Energy customers. Custom two-post rotating mast lifts act as an excellent tool for positioning a turbine for an ergonomic and efficient operator experience. The units can be controlled by hand-held remote units or from a console, made to rotate 180 degrees, include no overhead connection (in order to allow turbine loading via overhead crane), and mechanical actuation for positive locking, which allows the tooling to be held at any elevation for extended periods of time.

This equipment can also be developed as an MGV or AGV – Automated Guided Vehicle - to be used in a progressive assembly line. 

If you’re in need of a turbine lift and rotate unit for your operation, call on the company with the experience to build whatever you can imagine. Contact Mike Roper, or call 1-800-559-8366