Transportation Paint Booth Lift Systems

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Paint booth lifts for Rail and Transportation Manufacturing/Maintenance

Paint booths for multiple industries can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to be applied to your industry’s specific requirements whether you’re painting a rail car, bus body or aircraft. Handling Specialty has been building paint booth lifting systems for decades; careful to research the client’s applications, and designing a system which best fits their needs. Explosion-proofing our equipment has played an important role when engineering paint booth lifts for the aerospace industry, for example, while ensuring that each Handling Specialty paint booth lift is designed and manufactured to be robust, safe, reliable, efficient, ergonomic and highly maneuverable.

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Our lifts are manufactured to meet all necessary classifications and specifications according to industry regulations.

Paint booths can be designed to operate in the vertical, horizontal, or both, depending on the client’s requirements. Directional motion is controlled by the operator while secured in the lift. Overhead lights can be included in the design of the individual lifts as well, while a myriad of other options are available at the customers request.

Handling Specialty will assist in the install of your paint booth lift system, train your operators and maintenance staff, and support your equipment through our Parts and Services group.

To inquire about your own custom designed paint booth lifting system please contact Mike Roper directly, or visit the website for more information.