Transportation Industry Handling Equipment


Transportation Industry Handling Equipment Keeps Customers Coming back

Heavy rail and transportation material handling equipment has been a large part of Handling Specialty’s portfolio for years. With major companies coming to Handling for their rail and transportation needs, HSML has grown in design knowledge and manufacturing techniques which help our clients realize more efficient and safe operation when considering a custom system from HSML.

Larger companies who deal in transportation often run the gambit of heavy rail, light rail, monorail, recreational vehicle manufacturing, and even aerospace and shipbuilding. Once Handling designs and builds a robust product to help move a customer’s manufacturing and assembly floors, or perform their maintenance requirements efficiently and ergonomically in one discipline (i.e. heavy rail), other opportunities open up (i.e. aerospace) from the same company.

Heavy and light rail requires substantial materials handling equipment in order to raise train cars and locomotives off their tracks so technicians can perform maintenance procedures. As an example, drop tables are used for the easy removal of wheelsets, traction motors/combos and full trucks/bogies of freight cars, transit vehicles and locomotives, but this sort of equipment requires forethought on the outset of a maintenance facility. Drop tables are occasionally replaced after years of service in older facilities as well. Portable electric jacks are another popular piece of handling equipment for the rail industry. These jacks are typically bought in sets and placed at the ends of a rail car or locomotive to then be lifted for servicing.

Certain companies exist on a global scale and depend on a preferred supplier of reliable equipment like Handling Specialty. In the Rail industry, one company has employed Handling Specialty to deliver equipment from North America and Brazil to Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Onsite technical support as well as training and commissioning after installation services HSML provides through our Professional Services Group. This group manages all the material handling equipment HSML provides its customers.

Rail Maintenance Equipment

When looking to include handling equipment into your new facility or existing one, whether for assembly or maintenance, consider a company built around experience and safety. Contact us for a quote.