Top Industries utilizing AGVs

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Top Industries utilizing AGVs

In a world that is rushing toward automation, AGVs are instrumental in achieving these goals. What are AGVs? Automated Guided Vehicle systems are used in lace of traditional conveyor systems, forklifts, or manual carts, to repetitively move large loads of materials of all kinds. From raw material handling to product moving through an assembly line, AGVs carry heavy loads and are a versatile in that they can be customized to suit any industry’s needs.

Custom AGVs are currently moving product through the manufacturing processes for multiple industries. As the technology improves automated guided vehicles have become a mainstay in assembly, manufacturing and MRO facilities all over the world. Raw materials such as metal, plastic, paper and rubber are just some of the things AGVs are designed to move from point A to Z and everywhere in between.

Aerospace, Automotive, and Power-generation industries utilize custom, heavy duty AGVs to move product through the assembly plant as technicians complete their work on an engine, chassis and other large equipment being manufactured at the facility.

Manufacturing industries all see future growth thanks to automated guided vehicles. These industries also include food and beverage manufacturing, and healthcare and pharmaceutical production. What’s important is that an AGV system is custom designed and built to specific industry needs to the customer’s stringent quality demands.

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AGVs Move with Efficiency

The efficient movement of materials and product is the purpose behind automating these processes and AGVs are the best option to reach higher efficiency in assembly, manufacturing and MRO applications. No longer is an assembly facility stuck to a single track built into their factory floors. AGVs do not require tracks to move along. AGV systems are designed to be fluid. Programmed to run continuously without the need for expensive tracks installed during the factory build. AGVs move in several directions following a pre-programmed path which can grow with the business plan. Altering a course to satisfy a factory’s update is as easy as re-programming the AGV’s path rather than uprooting tracks poured into the concrete floors.

The flexibility of an AGV system offers advantages in-floor tracks can not. This revelation in the design and application of AGVs has revolutionized the efficiencies of motivated assembly, manufacturing and MRO plants all over the world. These industries represent the many who have aggressively increased their adoption of AGV technologies to better address downtime by building faster and smarter. AGV’s offer ergonomic solutions to technicians working on the line as well through the use of custom tooling such as rotating tops and scissor lifts to assist technicians by positioning the equipment for easy access at ever stage of the process.

As a manufacturer or assembly operation, you can no longer afford not to implement AGV systems into your processes. They are increasingly more affordable and built to withstand the harsh environments and multiple cycles required to bring products to the consumer.

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AGVs Assist with Automation

AGVs also assist in helping companies navigate the recent issues with employment of the trades. The obvious downturn in manual labor within industries has become a larger issue in that downtime has increased where it should be increasing to meet customer expectations. With an AGV employed, the line doesn’t suffer intermittent downtime where a laborer must stop the process to retrieve more raw materials. The processes are continuous with an AGV in place to move product and materials through the line or to distribution areas.

IIoT 4.0 is also making AGV maintenance easier through smart technology which talk to the operators offering key information and data on the AGV’s battery life, internal processes and planned maintenance.

Once your company has employed an AGV system to move product and materials through your specific processes, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the jump to improving efficiencies sooner.

To discuss the possibilities of a custom, heavy duty AGV for your operations, contact Handling Specialty.