Tooling Rotisseries aid in Welding

tooling rotisserie
Tooling Rotisseries aid in Welding Applications

Designed for rotating and elevating product to meet technician’s requirements for ergonomic positioning, tooling rotisseries are the perfect solution for welding and assembly operations. Welds are presented to the operator with optimal positioning, torch access, and torch angles, resulting in improved quality. Any handling equipment that can assist an operator in realizing ergonomic applications ensures increased productivity and up-time.

Electro-mechanical operation moves the rotator up and down on large, synchronized lifting screws while both ends include horizontal, heavy-duty rotating fixtures.                      

HMI touch-screen technology offers the operator several options to position a product at any angle. The control panel is also capable of including several pre-programmed options for the tooling rotator, further enabling up-time in positioning the product precisely time and again.

Capacities vary on all tooling rotisseries and are customizable through Handling Specialty’s experienced engineering department.  Additional customized tooling is also necessary from job to job as products across multiple industries such as Aerospace and Automotive utilize tooling rotators for welding and assembly operations.

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