Tilters and Upenders – Heavy-duty Equipment for Material Handling

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Tilters and Upenders – Heavy-duty Equipment for Material Handling

Tilters and Upenders for manufacturing offer increased ergonomics, safety, and efficiency to the assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance operations of any facility.

Custom designed and built to meet your specific application requirements, these material handling designs can be engineered to work in multiple industries to assist in simplifying processes. Engineered to perform multiple cycles in punishing environments, these robust additions to your material handling equipment will improve efficiencies and reduce downtime in your facility.

Material Handling Tilters

Material Handling Tilters can come in hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric actuation. An ergonomic solution to many manufacturing and assembly facility concerns, tilters offer quick and easy parts picking. Tilters can also lift and lower product as it is assembled, increasing efficiencies and out put. These custom material handling tilters can be engineered as surface, or pit mounted depending on a what a given facility needs.

Material Handling Upenders

Material handling Upenders traditionally assist in manufacturing processes by positioning product for technicians to work on, but have also been utilized in the entertainment industry.

Upenders traditionally operate with a hydraulic system to tip loads of varying weight and size up to 90 degrees. Upenders include a wide variety of industrial applications. They can be loaded and unloaded by fork lift, stacker, conveyor, or crane in a surface mount design or by a pallet truck in a pit mounted design.

Building Tilters and Upenders

Built to order, Handling Specialty Upenders are built with robust components and reinforced steel to withstand the harsh environments and demanding cycles they are designed to operate in.

The quality of the components used is matched by the quality of the Upender’s construction. Each Upender is 3D modeled prior to fabrication to undergo stress tests and determine the best possible design for the specific application solution. The platform decks are reinforced with ribbed steel by AWS certified welders and the cylinders, motor, and pump are mounted in an efficient manner.

Why Choose a Tilter or Upender?

Many of these units will include handheld controls to for ease of use to compliment the equipment’s operator panel. Handheld controllers offer flexibility to the operator allowing them to move around the equipment as it is loaded or unloaded. Both material handling tilters and up-enders can be positioned in the facility precisely as the customer requires, and if there is clearance on every side, the operator can move around the equipment enjoying a 360-degree view. This also allows 360-degree accessibility to the technician working on the product secured to the up-ender or tilter.

Handling Specialty accommodates unique material handling requirements with custom designed platform sizes, shapes, tooling, degrees of motion, and surface mounts.

When looking for the perfect material handling tilter or Upender, consider a company who has been design/building for nearly 60 years and discover what Great looks like.