The Validation for Diversification in Material Handling

The Validation for Diversification in Material Handling - The phrase materials handling is a broad term with many meanings and involving many industries. Each industry has its own challenges when manufacturing, shipping, or storing product. Whether they are the manufacturer’s themselves, or are shipping and/or storing products for other manufacturer’s, their requirements for equipment to assist in building, storing or moving those items vary widely depending on the size, weight and nature of the product.

Because of the industry’s wide range of applications, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a standard piece of equipment that is going to fit more than one. This is why companies like Handling Specialty were re-imagined in the 90’s. Their vast experience in designing, manufacturing for, and supporting the auto industry gave them the confidence to move from standard to specialty manufacturing. This important move has allowed Handling Specialty to offer custom materials handling design and manufacturing to a much wider range of industries as well.

Material Handling Diversification

Now, with their products in industries from automotive to aerospace, entertainment, defense and many more, Handling Specialty has not only secured themselves as a premiere supplier of custom manufacturing the world over, but as an award-winning solutions provider for some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Their client list also shows handling Specialty’s range of brands they influence with their equipment such as Bombardier, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Disney, General Electric, Siemens, GM, Ford, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and the list goes on and on. These aren’t just one-time customers either, these are return customers who understand the quality and support which comes through using Handling Specialty in particular.

The decision to diversify was an excellent move on Handling Specialty’s part, and it has helped further build their name in industries they might not have considered before, and who might not have heard of Handling Specialty. Ask any of their clients, they’ll tell you, it’s been a very positive experience, and the product speaks for itself.