The Range of Four Post Lifts for Sale

4 post lift

Handling Specialty has built a solid reputation as an innovator in solving our client's unique equipment handling and traversing challenges. After over 55 years in business, we have designed, engineered, and built various customized four post lifts for many industries such as automotive, aviation, rail, and advanced manufacturing. All of our four post lifts for sale are engineered to provide years of safe, reliable service.

Handling Specialty designs custom lifting solutions built around a client's requirements and specifications, so four post lift prices will depend on the application and the customization required to design and manufacture the variant of the four post lift. Our solutions are engineered to provide years of reliable service for our clients. The cost savings in time and efficiency over the life of operation deliver a measurable return on investment for our clients.

To demonstrate the variety and flexibility of the four post lifts basic design, here are a selection of examples delivered to our clients.

Four Post Lift Models

Automotive 4 Post Lift

automotive four post lift 

The automotive 4 post lift is probably the most recognizable design as they are widely used and adapted for use in auto repair and service shops to the DIY enthusiast. These 4 post lifts suit a wide variety of operational environments. They can be designed to accommodate a wide range of loads and applications. Our heavy duty 4 post lifts can handle vehicles or loads that weigh well in excess of 12,000 lbs, while our regular 4 post lifts are suited for smaller loads.

The load is raised and lowered by high-efficiency ball screws giving it a smooth vertical movement at 10 inches per second.

4 Post-Electric Chain Lift

electric chain lift

This four post electric chain lift is capable of lifting 2000 lbs. It was designed for a leading vehicle manufacturer. Their specification called for a sturdy four post lift capable of lifting small tractors and utility vehicles quickly and smoothly for the end of assembly line final inspection.  

The inspection requires access to the undercarriage, which to keep pace with the production line output needs a quick and reliable lift and lower process. The lift uses heavy-duty chains made to handle the continuous operation on a production assembly line.

4 Post Lifts in Aerospace and Power Generation Applications


Many of our clients have very specific needs to lift and position a product or component as a part of the overall assembly of an even larger machine. This often requires adapting or modification of an existing 4 post lift design. Our jet engine assembly lift is an example of this. This lift was designed for a well known international jet engine producer. The 4 post engine lift platform has a carrying capacity of 10,000 lbs, is pit mounted and holds the engine to be raised and lowered during the assembly process. This enables the technicians to adjust the engine's height to their specific ergonomic requirements as it is assembled. The safety of the engine and the technicians working on it is the primary concern in such a setting.

aerospace lifts

Power Generation

The power generation industry has very specialized material and equipment handling requirements. Part of the manufacturing process of large transformers requires the winding of wire around the central coil.  Handling Specialty's unique design of this four post lift is suited ideally to this task. Coil winding is done vertically. A moving work platform allows employees to position themselves at various heights as the transformer coil is being wound.

Image 1

This lift uses a screw drive located at each corner of the 4 post lift. These are linked mechanically to provide perfect synchronization during the winding process to ensure level elevation. The safety features, as well as platform size, are customized to suit each transformer application.

Another example of the adaptation of a 4 post lift for the power generation industry is an engine rollover station. These are specially designed to handle up to 30-ton reciprocating engines. The 4 post lift allows for the 360-degree rotation of the engine. The rollover feature and the side-to-side slide operation allow for ergonomic work positioning for operators, assemblers, and maintenance workers.

power generation lift

4 Post Boat Lifts for Marine Applications

The marine industry relies on 4 post boat lifts in both consumer and commercial applications. Marinas, shipyards and individuals have the requirement to safely and reliably raise vessels out of the water for inspection, repair and storage. The weight, length and width (beam) of a boat will determine the size and lifting capacity needed when a 4 post boat lift is being selected. Also, consideration must be given to its operating environment, whether used in freshwater or saltwater. Saltwater is highly corrosive and can do a lot of damage to the components of the lift if they are not adequately protected.

marine lift

Which Four Post Lift is Best for my Application?

As we have seen, there are many variants of the 4 post lift for sale. The specific use case for your needs may be able to be addressed using an off-the-shelf 4 post lift that can be ordered from other lift manufacturers.  If your lifting application does not fall into this category, you will need to consider your requirements and speak with a company that has demonstrated expertise in the design and manufacture of equipment handling solutions.


Why Choose Handling Specialty?

Handling Specialty has built a reputation for providing unique, custom-engineered material handling or industrial automation solutions and have demonstrated success in many industry sectors, including aerospace and defence, automotive, entertainment, rail/transportation, power generation, process industries and advanced manufacturing industries. Handling Specialty is the ideal partner; if you want to learn more about our range of four post lifts or any other of our products, let's talk.