The Benefits of a DC Battery-Powered Refractory Ladle Lift

DC battery ladle lift in application 2

The Benefits of a DC Battery-Powered Refractory Ladle Lift

The benefits of a DC battery-powered refractory ladle lift are many when looking to reduce your steel mill’s carbon footprint while creating even more efficient processes when re-bricking your steel ladles.

Using less electricity is a major factor when considering your facility’s environmental impact, and your facility likely uses a lot of electricity.  On average, a steel mill may have 8 large ladles. These ladles must be re-lined approximately every 4-6 weeks. So, why not save on electricity costs while greening up your processes by including Handling Specialty’s DC-Powered ladle lift?

Our Ladle Lift’s DC batteries charge with 110VAC power. These lower requirements mean you’ll consume less electricity over the life of the lift. Firebrick rebricking happens often enough that your ladle lifts are being used over and over. You have more than one refractory ladle in your steel mill, so your purchase decision here is exponentially important. When each lift is saving electricity on each application, the efficiency adds up.

DC Battery IIoT

With remote monitoring Bluetooth built-in, an APP on your mobile phone or tablet will alert you to battery charge levels and other important information, employing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology.

One bad cell or one bad battery can destroy a large, expensive battery bank. When batteries are connected in series, a timely warning can be generated by measuring the midpoint voltage.  This IIoT technology can save a facility countless hour of downtime and costly battery system replacements.

Bluetooth APP Bluetooth APP 2

 High Versatility Ladle Lifts

Handling Specialty’s ladle lifts can be used with a variety of refractory ladle types and sizes. Employing one lift that can handle a wide range of ladles is cost-efficient for you. With the option for aluminum extensions, which connect on the lip along the outside of the platform, your ladle lift allows for larger size ladles to be rebricked, whether oval or round. Doing more with less is the pillar of any green initiative.

Individually, these benefits might seem small, but multiplied by the amount of rebricking you perform, the green aspects of a high-quality battery-powered ladle lift become a very big deal. Additionally, with no power cord attaching the ladle lift there are no chances of the cord being cut or damaged while the lift is in operation. Trip hazards are removed as well. Battery power is more than enough to complete the job while raising and lowering the ladle lift intermittently as the technician is working to rebrick the refractory ladle.

Rise time for the full 96” travel is just 144 seconds while the lowering rate is 90 seconds with the DC option. Weight capacity is determined by your application needs.

Realizing the benefits of employing DC battery-powered refractory ladle lifts are many, will help reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce spending in general. For more on this option please contact Marek Cybula.