Tandem Heavy-Duty MGVs

tandem carts

What’s better than one heavy-duty MGV? Joining it with another to create a tandem material handling Goliath. Whether an MGV or an AGV, where one or the other is imagined for the manufacturing and assembly industries, they need to be built with stamina in mind. Multiple cycles running machines day and night to produce a client’s product must be engineered and manufactured robustly with intelligent systems to alert operators of scheduled maintenance or failures on the vehicle.

A recent project for the energy industry asked if Handling Specialty could make them several 100-ton MGV’s with specialized tooling to lift and move massive engines through the assembly process.  Each of these MGV’s would have to have the capacity to link with one another in order to haul the larger engines in a tandem effort.

The Traction/Steering modules provide the force to move the MGV, also known as battery-powered transfer carts, driven by a servo brake motor. These MGVs feature traditional steering as well as crab steering capabilities. These engine transporters also feature Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) steering which allows the vehicle to turn about its centre. All of these steering modes are available in both unloaded and loaded conditions offering maximum flexibility of use.

All models have an e-stop button on the corners of the mainframe as well as amber strobe lights and audible signal that indicate the MGV is going to start moving and is in motion. Proximity sensors add another level of safety, allowing the vehicle to stop should an obstacle move in front of it.

These heavy-duty models feature an integrated hydraulic lift function that allows the transporter to pick up engines with the assistance of the specially designed tooling fixtures.  

Through proven practices and exceptional custom engineering, the Manually Guided Vehicle’s were built from the ground up in Handling Specialty’s own Plant 2 located in Hamilton, Ontario. Tested and delivered on-time, these behemoths are now happily performing their intended duties safely and efficiently.

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