Staying Informed on Material Handling


Handling Specialty has been building custom equipment for the material handling industry since 1963 and has diversified its industry reach from automotive to aerospace, entertainment, advanced manufacturing, rail and transportation, process, and energy. Each industry returns to Handling Specialty because of the deep industry knowledge they possess from over half a century of design, manufacture, installation and service.

In order to keep abreast of new technologies and application solutions which may fit your own assembly and manufacturing facilities, Handling Specialty puts out Newsletters targeted to each of these industries in order to educate your industry needs and solutions.

Case studies, general product information, and material handling innovations which surface through these Newsletters can assist in your decision process when considering an upgrade to an existing facility or a new build which includes Handling’ equipment. Turnkey projects like our Energy project with GE and INNIO is an excellent example of this.

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