Stage Lift System for Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean number 4 1

The Fourth Underwater Stage lift System for Royal Caribbean

Before the fourth project for Royal Caribbean cruise lines can be dismantled, painted, packaged and delivered to the latest Oasis class build for installation, vigorous testing of all of its capabilities, safety features and functionality are dutifully investigated for any and all potential fails. Handling Specialty prides itself on delivering and installing premium equipment for our clients, and though this is the fourth underwater stage lift system designed and manufactured for Royal Caribbean, there are no shortcuts to producing a quality product.

Royal Caribbean number 5

The most recent installation of this stage lift system can be seen in the Harmony of the Seas Oasis class ship. It is currently the largest cruise ship in the world. The fourth system will be installed into a ship even larger then its predecessor, but which functions identically, allowing guests to swim in the pool during daytime hours and acting as a theater to a spectacular water show in the evenings.