Split Rail Maintenance Options

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Split rail systems are used in rail vehicle maintenance facilities for changing of rail vehicle (freight, or transit) wheelsets.

In a typical system:

The rail vehicle’s wheelset scheduled for removal is driven over the split rail system.

The Operator traverses the battery-powered lifting dolly (running in a pit between the raised rails,) below the split rail location.

The wheelset lifting dolly raises to line up with and connect to the wheelset; lifting the wheelset off the rails.

The rail vehicle is then chocked under it’s side frames so the dolly can lower the unit onto the chocks - allowing the locking bars of the split rails to be retracted - and the split rails lowered (or rotated, so the dolly can lower and remove the wheelset from the rail vehicle truck.

The wheelset is then rolled off the dolly and onto a transfer platform - where it is secured to a scissor lift - which raises it above floor level to be rolled onto a portable transfer cart. The wheelset is then moved on to the assembly and exchange area of the maintenance facility, and the process reverses to install the new wheelset onto the rail vehicle. 

Split rail systems are an excellent addition to any rail maintenance facility allowing for less downtime owing to more efficient equipment, and updated processes.

Handling has a number of Split Rail design systems / solution that can be customized for your facilities layout and wheel exchange requirements.

To discover which best suits your applications, contact Rick Breznik.