Specialized Material Handling Equipment

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Do You Use Specialized Material Handling Equipment?  

Custom material handling solutions for specialized applications is what we do, and there are multiple examples of our custom work throughout our website. The Aerospace industry, with clients from all over the world, have come to rely on our impressive consultations, technical sales staff and a department of engineer’s ready to take on complex material handling challenges. 

Handling Specialty’s smart arm manipulator (SAM) is a recent example of this skillset, answering the call to design and build a laser and camera-assisted motion control solution utilizing a custom heavy-duty multi-axis manipulator arm enabling lifting and repeatable positioning of an aero engine bellmouth within a small envelope.   The arm lifts and positions an aero engine bellmouth during the assembly process and is designed to grasp the bellmouth with robot-like precision and then release it once assembled to the engine.

Handling Specialty’s SAM comes complete with supporting framework of the positioning arm for quick installation, a compact footprint and the ability to accurately lift and support large payloads.  The control software is configured to the end-user’s parameters - programmed with pre-defined movements at the Handling Specialty test facility to ensure easy integration and seamless interface with the client’s equipment and controls. An operator monitors the positioning of the arm via an on-screen live feed camera display.

The versatile and robust multi-axis smart-motion control system can also be engineered to run fully-automatically, simplifying the work required by the application while freeing up the operator.  

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Another impressive example is our turbulence control structure cart which supports a thirty-two foot diameter spherical Wind baffle from point A to B, and then raises and lowers the unit so it can link up to the test engine.

At 32,000 lbs, the turbulence control structure dome is a substantial piece of equipment, and Handling Specialty was asked to design a robust carrier capable of suspending the honeycomb shaped orb while including precise movement both on the horizontal and vertical planes.

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With a rich history of supporting the aerospace industry - our motto of building big things so our customers can build big things - has been integral in securing and maintaining long term partnerships in the aerospace industry. 

For more on Handling Specialty’s specialized design and consultation services, please contact Mike Roper or call 1-800-559-8366.