Solutions for Aerospace Engine Manufacturing

Aerospace material handling equipment

When designing or redesigning your aerospace assembly facility for its material handling processes there are multiple products to consider.

Whether you want to employ an MGV or AGV into your jet engine assembly processes, these vehicles create a moving surface with wireless power for onboard lift and rotation. Including application-specific positioning fixtures and tooling attachments allow for seamless, ergonomic motion which enhances technician morale and efficiency. Each MGV is controlled by an operator via a handheld, wireless remote control pendant for precise positioning.

Complimenting the MGV in your aerospace engine assembly/manufacturing are Handling Specialty’s engine lifts. These massive four-post lifts can offer multiple options when considering your facility’s requirement. The lift stations are electro-mechanically actuated and allow for the engine to be positioned at the correct orientation and elevation for assembly operations.  The assembly technician can raise and lower the engine as well as rotate it 360 degrees and even tilt the engine ensuring a safe and ergonomic working interface, all without the use of overhead cranes. 

Once the engine is ready for testing, Handling Specialty also offers custom-designed aerospace engine test cells. Test cells are typically equipped with hydraulically-actuated, pit mounted scissor lifts designed for safe and reliable access to the engines.  These lifting systems can also be used to dock the engine into the thrust stand or support structure.  These robust lift systems can also be equipped with integrated secondary personnel lifts for additional access to critical areas.  Handling Specialty’s test cell lifting equipment is built to accurately position heavy loads, endure extreme operating conditions and designed to meet explosion-proof classifications. 

Considering a company for your four post lift project’s material handling equipment? Contact Mike Roper to discuss what Handling Specialty can do for you.