Scissor Lift Parts and Accessories

Scissor lift

Using scissor lifts is proven to be one of the safest ways to work on tasks that require significant elevation. The scissor lift design offers maneuverability and accessibility for the user by providing a stable working platform and the ability to lift large loads. Some jobs may have differing requirements; it is possible to change the operating configuration by adding a range of scissor lift accessories to the lift to offer more flexibility. The availability of accessories and replacement scissor lift parts is essential to ensure the lift's ongoing operational safety and reliability.  Without hydraulic and mechanical scissor lift parts being readily available from the manufacturer or OEM suppliers, routine maintenance, repairs, or adjustments could result in the lift being out of service for long periods while you try to find replacement parts.  

Scissor lifts are made to comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications. These ensure that your scissor lift, when used as specified, is safe. To keep it in that condition, the user has to carry out regular maintenance inspections. In general, the components used are designed for long-term use without the need for replacement. Other components such as batteries and tires experience more wear with every use and need replacement in line with maintenance schedule guidelines, depending on the frequency of use.

At Handling Specialty, we only provide scissor lift parts and scissor lift accessories for our range of custom manufactured equipment.

Scissor Lift Parts and Accessories Products

Scissor lift ramp

If you need to transport your scissor lift to a job site, you will need a scissor lift loading ramp. Our scissor lift ramps are designed to provide traction to the scissor lift tires in all kinds of weather conditions. All of our scissor lift accessories are customizable to suit whatever loading and transportation needs you may have.

Scissor Lift Parts and Accessories

We also manufacture ramps to aid in loading and offloading vehicles for the different types of lifts you may have in your facility. Our range of scissor lift ramps varies in length and load capacity depending upon the application. We can provide ramps that help get vehicles with low ground clearance onto lift runways for 2 post and 4 post lifts, in-floor scissor lifts, portable mid-rise, and full-rise lifts. Our lift ramps provide a gentler gradient allowing the vehicle to drive onto the lift without grounding.

Scissor lift Wheels

The wheels type for a scissor lift will differ for different terrain and uses. For most indoor applications, scissor lift tires for electric indoor scissor lifts are usually non-marking tires. These protect the floor from damage caused by the movement of the lift. The tires are made of solid rubber to eliminate punctures and ensure good traction but smooth not to leave tread marks.

Scissor Lift wheels 

Wheels for outdoor applications need to be more robust. They can either be pneumatic air-filled tires or foam-filled tires. They are designed to provide good traction on uneven or loose surfaces, so their wear rate is faster than tires used exclusively on an indoor electric scissor lift.

Although both types of tires need regular inspection, outdoor tires run a higher risk of damage because of the workplace environment on a construction site, for example. Depending on the terrain, tires can wear unevenly, affecting the stability of the scissor lift and the safety of any occupants. Therefore, the tires must be inspected regularly before each use to ensure the correct tire pressures, etc. If a tire is torn or punctured, it will need to be replaced.

If a wheel rim is visibly damaged, it should be replaced. Not doing so can cause rubber tires to become dislodged from the rim, which is dangerous as the tire could separate from the wheel, causing the scissor lift platform to become unstable. When the operator is carrying out his regular inspections, they need to look out for any signs of wear and tear.

Scissor Lift Hinges

Building a small scissor lift table for a workshop can be achieved with the right parts and some basic engineering knowledge. The main component for building a scissor lift table is the scissor lift hinge. When two scissor lift hinges are connected to a fixed surface and connected to another surface, such as a worktop, it converts a simple worktop to an elevated plane with multiple uses. Being a retractable plane means it is a great space saver when a workspace is limited.

Scissor Lift hinges

When building or buying a scissor lift table, you need to consider the maximum weight it can lift and the speed of the recoil, i.e., how fast it raises and lowers. The scissor lift hinge should be firmly secured at the base and have sufficient weight to avoid overbalancing that could tip the load and cause injury to the operator. A scissor lift hinge is easy to install, but you must be mindful of the height and weight distribution and load handling requirements. Handling specialty offers a range of customized scissor lift hinges to suit your needs. Whether you're building a standing workstation or a scissor lift table for your warehouse, we have a hinge for the job.

How to get the best out of our Scissor Lift Parts and Accessories

Scissor lift accessories can increase the capabilities of the scissor lift if used correctly. Only approved accessories should be fitted to the lift to ensure it remains safe to operate. The lift operator and supervisor must be appropriately trained on the proper use of the scissor lift and any fitted accessories. They should be familiar with all the parts and what they do. They need to understand the risks involved when using the scissor lift and its limitations. The ANSI A92.2 Standard has training as one of its statutes.


At Handling Specialty, we make it our business to provide scissor lift parts and accessories for our custom equipment. With over 55 years of experience, we have the knowledge and capability to turn your vision into reality. Our scissor lifts parts are built with the highest quality components guaranteeing a safe, productive experience. With the right scissor lift accessories, you can enhance your scissor lifts capabilities and adapt them to fit your operating requirements better.  If you'd like to know more about our products or services, please get in touch with us.