Scissor Lift Manufacturers - What to Look For?

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Scissor Lift Manufacturers: Lifts have been around for more than 150 years. In the 1840's they realized that they could put people on a platform and raise the people and the platform up multiple stories safely. The method of lifting is different from an elevator, but scissor lifts in use today perform the same function, moving a platform vertically at a steady rate with people or a heavy load. Scissor lift manufacturers have become specialized in the design and manufacture of a variety of lifting solutions. Automotive scissor lift manufacturers design lifts for use primarily in the automobile industry. Many electric scissor lift manufacturers focus on the design and manufacture of products suitable for indoor applications.

The scissor lift was patented in 1963 and has been improved and modified since. Before the introduction of the scissor lift, construction workers relied on ladders and scaffolding to work on the outsides of buildings. With the introduction and adaptation of the scissor lift, both indoor and outdoor jobs can be carried out much quicker and safer at height.

Handling Specialty designs and manufactures scissor lifts. We customize our lifts to suit your application. Whether you're in the automobile industry or cruise ship operator, we have a qualified team ready to tailor-make a solution for you. For 50 years, we have turned our clients' visions into reality.

Scissor Lift Types

A scissor lift manufacturer's products vary in sìze and capacity. They are designed for a wide range of activities.

Automotive Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lift ManufacturersThese electrical scissor lifts cater specifically to the automotive industry. Whether you deal in auto repairs or manufacturing, these lifts are designed to lift vehicles to a comfortable working height. We have two types of automotive scissor lifts: 

  • Mid-rise lifts - for smaller spaces and domestic use.
  • Full-Rise lifts - for commercial use.

These can either be portable or in-floor installations. They include truck adapters for larger vehicles. Ramps are available as accessories if needed.

Hydraulic Lifts

Our hydraulic lifts are amongst the best in the market. In addition to the quality parts and robust materials we use on our builds, we ensure the hydraulic cylinders are safe from rust, extending the useful life of your lifts. In the past, we have custom-built large hydraulic lifts for use in the rail industry and manufacturing. The hydraulic mechanism works for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the power source.

Electric Lifts

Scissor lift for rail paint boothThese scissor lifts are also available from Handling Specialty. Small but solid and sturdy makes them perfect for use in warehouses and other indoor spaces. Being battery-powered, they don't produce any emissions. They are equipped with non-marking tires to preserve your floors. There are guard rails and swing doors for safety and zero-radius turning for agility. The platform extends to increase accessibility for difficult-to-reach places.

In addition to our larger models, we also have a series of table lifts in this category.

Scissor Lift Table

These are the worker's companions. They enable the user to either elevate their work surface or lift heavy loads to stack shelves when the loads are too small for a scissor lift. As scissor lift table manufacturers, we have a customizable model that's safe and easy to use.

Finding the Right Scissor Lift Manufacturer

When choosing a scissor lift manufacturer, you want a company with a proven track record of designing and engineering solutions you can trust.

Do They Have Testimonials?

When you're looking for a solution, you want to know that the scissor lift platform manufacturer is tried and tested. If the solution you seek needs to be custom-designed, product reviews of standard off the shelf models may not reflect the capability of the scissor lift platform manufacturer. Client testimonials and examples of the solutions designed and installed by the scissor lift manufacturer whose clients are also their flag bearers is clearly in the business of understanding customer requirements and ensuring their satisfaction.

Are the Scissor Lifts Easy to Maintain?

A scissor lift is an investment in a long-term asset for many businesses. When choosing the right scissor lift manufacturer, you want to know if they can maintain your asset during its service life. A reputable scissor lift manufacturer prioritizes the quality and accessibility of major components for regular maintenance. Should parts need replacement, are their spare parts readily available in the market? Are these parts compatible with the make and model of your scissor lift? The idea is to minimize downtime over the years.

How Big is your Operation?

Can the Scissor lift manufacturer match the scale of your business operations? When dealing with a scissor lift manufacturer, you want a vendor that understands your needs. If you are a small operation, do their products cater to that? Can they design and engineer a solution for your operation if you have a specialized use case that can't be handled with existing products?

A scissor lift table manufacturer that understands your business needs can engineer a solution.

What is the Nature of the Job?

Your industry and type of work will determine the type of scissor lift you need. Outdoor work over rough terrain will need a different scissor lift from an indoor warehouse, assembly facility, or repair work. Outdoor scissor lifts require different types of tires and power supplies. Things like wind speed and tilt sensors are also vital for outdoor work. Indoor scissor lifts may need to be able to manoeuvre in small aisles and tight spaces. Make sure you choose a scissor lift platform manufacturer whose products are the right fit for your current and future jobs.

Does the Scissor Lift Manufacturer Offer Additional Services?

When you invest in a brand, you build a relationship. A scissor lift manufacturer should offer more than just a sale. Ongoing maintenance and support is key to ensuring a long and reliable operation of your lift. Another key requirement of scissor lift use is proper employee training. Both operators and supervisors have to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the safe use of the scissor lifts. A scissor lift platform manufacturer is best placed to provide these and other specialized services to support your company post-sale.

Why Choose us?


Since 1963, Handling Specialty has been dedicated to the custom design and manufacture of material handling systems & equipment for demanding applications. We are the premier source for made to order lifting, tilting, rotating and traversing equipment for clients seeking innovative solutions, exceptional professional support, world-class credentials and unmatched experience. If you would like to know more about our scissor lift solutions? Don't hesitate to contact us.