Rotary Indexing Tables



Rugged, durable, quality construction, & highly accurate. Our customers expect nothing less from our OSA-LATOR line of precision indexing tables. Our rotary indexing tables are available in a wide range of models, capacities, speeds and layouts. OSA-LATOR can provide our customers a table as a complete assembly with tooling ready structural tops, dial-tops, and head stock/tail stock configurations. OSA-LATOR offers accurate positioning with zero backlash, fast cycle speeds and inherent ramped acceleration and decelereation. OSA-LATOR rotary indexing tables are very well suited to a variety of applications including robotic welding cells, water jet cutting, materials handling, assembly, robotic grinding and polishing.

The OSA-LATOR line of rotary tables are designed and built in North America. Our product experts are available to assist from planning through installation and product support.

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Servo motors offer a high degree of intelligence and demand a more complex control system. The ability to program speed, position, and acceleration gives these systems great flexability. 

Built with the same durable features and precise quality standards as our original OSA-LATOR line of rotary tables, our HP series servo rotary indexing table provides our customers this added flexibility. The HP series servo is available with our table top, dial-top and head stock/tail stock configurations.

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