Robust Personnel Lift

P1000918 small

When your assembly process requires up/down motion to position your technicians with 360-degree access to the product, Handling Specialty should be your first call.

An example of this style lift system is found in this version; engineered with optimal usable space, this system holds all necessary material on the platform with at least (2) operators. Additionally, this particular personnel lift is able to raise and lower as well as move portions of the platform hydraulically inward, towards the components, offering exceptional ergonomics. Each side, front and back, can move in and out independently of one another to accommodate multiple sized transformers.

The control station mounted on the lift give the operator/technician(s) full access to all operations.

The collapsible staircase raises and lowers with the platform, allowing technicians the freedom to move off the lift safely at several heights.

Additional mechanical safety interlock systems keep all personnel on the lift at the same height in the case of power loss or equipment failure.

As a four-post lift, there are no supports under the working areas of the platform which allows the lift to be raised in its highest position and allow a fork truck to place material on the pad with no obstruction.

This robust personnel lift was designed and built for the Energy industry to enable the assembly of turbines in an ergonomic setting.