Railway MGVs Support Maintenance Operations

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Just because it’s made for the Rail industry doesn’t necessarily mean it has to run on rails. Manually Guided Vehicles, as well as Automatically Guided Vehicles, are more often than not moving between tracks in order to move parts and product from one destination to the next. Of course, when paired with a maintenance system like a drop table or split-rail system, MGV’s do run along a rail under the locomotive or bogie in order to assist in truck and wheel servicing.

AGV’s & MGV’s are also usually custom-designed for the Rail industry to carry specific equipment, and handle different capacities which require custom tooling. The complexities behind maintaining rail cars require MGV’s to simplify the processes both under the carriage and while moving parts along the long distances which make up a Rail maintenance facility.

Proven safe and effective, battery-operated MGV’s streamline the work by contributing to an efficient workspace. The manually guided vehicle is feature-rich and designed for those who are focused on continuous improvement.

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Capable of working in virtually every industry, MGV’s and AGV’s have proven their worth time and again and continue to perform in applications where a versatile and smart-design make quick work of maintenance processes. Built to your specific needs, a robust Handling Specialty Manually Guided Vehicle will make the difference to your operation’s specific challenges.

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