Rail-Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts

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Rail/Transit Industry Maintenance Lifts and Platforms

The Rail and Transportation industry is a multifaceted and complex enterprise requiring heavy, reliable and robust equipment to move, lift and rotate massive rail vehicles and Locomotives. Employing Handling Specialty’s experience in technical sales, design and installation becomes your number one advantage in building a maintenance facility engineered to operate at peak efficiency.

With years of experience in designing and building custom drop tables, turn tables, transfer tables and car hoists, there is no one better suited to approach with your Rail or transit material handling equipment needs.

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Locomotive Truck, traction motor and wheelset Drop Tables are an essential part of any rail transportation maintenance facility. Handling Specialty has been designing customized versions of this equipment for multiple clients, and have experienced return business because of our robust design and manufacturing practices, friendly installation specialists, and unsurpassed support services.

There are many features that make our Truck Drop Tables stand out above the rest, such as rugged body supports and girders, remote operated consoles, a range of customized capacities, self locking screws and optional release track tops.

Traction motor and wheel set change-outs are fast, easy and efficient when you choose a drop table from Handling Specialty. Available in single or double axle configurations, we work alongside you to build a system suited exactly to your needs.

provide the operator with ergonomic access for maintenance work on the trucks. Multiple design configurations and features are available

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Body Supports / Body Hoists utilize lifting pads that contact the rail vehicle at predetermined jacking points. Their capacities can be designed to handle cars with or without trucks attached. Body supports, when used in pairs at both ends of the car, can be used in conjunction with a car hoist. Once a car is in position, the body supports are elevated into contact with the jack pads on the car. The car hoist is then lowered bringing any or all trucks to track level for removal to a work center. The body supports are then supporting the car weight. Body hoists may raise or lower the car to a more convenient height for accessibility. Custom capacities are available.

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The transfer table is an invaluable tool for maintaining traffic flow between tracks in a car repair or maintenance shop. While transfer tables normally require a pit several feet deep, Handling Specialty can supply a table that will not require a pit. This design is most unique in that it still permits normal traffic flow on a track even when the transfer table is busy on another track.

Turntables are available in different sizes based on the customer’s application.

Small diameter Turntables are available to rotate a single truck in 90° increments. These can be manufactured as either manual or motorized in their rotation. Both slewing ball bearing and caster designs have been successfully installed on multiple jobs.

Large turntables up to 250 ton capacities and various lengths can rotate the heaviest of locomotives on the market. Handling Specialty’s turntables are extremely rugged and balanced, and especially suitable for metro service.

Handling Specialty manufacturing is a part of the Whiting group of Companies. Whiting pioneered the development of the drop table concept and has been serving the Rail industry since 1884.

Handling will manage your rail project with our turnkey solutions, installation and support through our Parts & Services Group.

For more on this line of material handling equipment contact Rick Breznik or call 1-800-559-8366