Rail maintenance lift and positioning


Rail Maintenance Lift and Positioning Equipment

Do you require locomotive maintenance equipment to perform repairs and/or cleaning to the front end of your locomotives? Handling Specialty has designed the perfect option for your rail maintenance needs with our unique nose-cone gantry.

This self-propelled gantry has become a popular piece of maintenance equipment for multiple rail service centers throughout North America. Many companies have seen the benefits offered through a design which allows the operator to approach the tracks from the shop floor, position the unit on the tracks, lower it via hydraulics where the rail wheels engage the track and the operator ascends the ladder to further position himself at the front of the locomotive to begin repairs or cleaning procedures. 

The gantry is fitted with a hydraulic scissor lift offering ergonomic options, assisting in making maintenance and cleaning an effortless, and safer scenario then it has been in the past.

If your rail maintenance facility does not currently employ this piece of handling equipment, consider contacting Rick Breznik at Handling Specialty.

For more on these units, and to view the video, visit this link.