QR Code Service Stickers

QR Graphic

Ordering replacement parts or making a service request should be the easiest step in having your Handling Specialty equipment serviced. Though we’ve always made it simple, today every new piece of equipment will include multiple QR code stickers to contact the Handling Specialty Parts & Services Group

Just point and scan from any smartphone. You’ll be prompted to send an email with the serial number and model number already included in the body with the opportunity to include a personal message. Once the email is received, our Parts & Services Group will contact you.

QR Code

In addition to including QR codes to new equipment, Handling’s Parts & Services Group will be issuing these equipment specific stickers to any equipment we visit in the field. Updating processes like this is what Handling’s customers have come to expect and count on.

For information concerning your QR Code stickers or this initiative please contact our Parts & Services Group