Portable Electric Jacks Built for Strength

Jacks on locomotive

If you’ve ever wondered why our portable electric Jacks are considered the best in the industry you haven’t far to look. The load screw in each of our Jacks has a machined buttress thread which has an inherent self-locking feature, making them ideal for lifting equipment applications. Whether the lifting capacity is 3 tons to 60 tons, this proven design has been lifting locomotives, rail cars, buses, and other transit vehicles with safety and precision in mind for decades.

Our ‘hoist duty’ electric jack motors are all designed and tested to be synchronized to each other as matched sets; to ensure that all Jack screws are turning at the same speed. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment to continuously monitor any variation in turning speed and lifting height variations. LCD displays come with control panels.

The robust design of our Jack bodies also contributes to the lifting capacity, safety, and ease of operation. Safety is never overlooked when engineering our Jacks, and safety comes standard including under-limit switches, loading sensors, safety sensors, and E-stops. The lifting brackets, which secure to the frame of a vehicle, can be modified to any configuration to suit your lifting application. Additional functions can include a zero-speed shutdown system, upper overtravel limit switch, nut wear indicator and follower nut, and automatic nut lubricator.

Portable Electric Jacks are the backbone of many rail maintenance facilities offering simplicity and efficiency in their design.

Of course, Electric Jacks aren’t all we engineer in material handling equipment for the Rail and Transportation industry. Handling Specialty has a substantial portfolio of maintenance equipment ranging from Drop Tables to Turntables, Split Rail Systems, MGVs, Gantries, Car Hoists, Car Body Hoists, and Transfer Tables.

With a long history embedded in the Rail industry, Handling Specialty is your best choice for your application whether it comes standard or requires customization. Contact us for more information, or if you’d like to discuss a quote with our technical sales team.