Personnel Platforms for Automotive Inspection

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Personnel Platforms for Automotive Inspection

Personnel lifts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They were imagined to assist the technician in assembly and designed with ergonomics in mind. Handling Specialty personnel platforms are always customized to the client’s specific application requirements in order to seamlessly integrate into an existing facility’s processes. Handling Specialty has also designed custom personnel lifts to support the planning of a new facility as it is laid out by the architect.

When engineering for the automotive industry, we follow the stringent safety practices inherent within while focusing on building a robust design which offers ergonomic benefits.  A personnel lift can be actuated through hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic practices, and may include multi-stage lifts or single stage, but however, it is raised and lowered, every lift Handling Specialty designs includes several safety features.  

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For example, an automotive personnel platform may include a safety touch tape switch which will stop the lift if it senses the car body. This is an important feature in order to avoid damage to the car body. Multiple limit switches will be found throughout the lift, maintenance lock-up bars, vertical stabilizers and the ability to pre-program the lift to assist in assembly procedures, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

A personnel lift can be included in several aspects of an automotive assembly line including positioning personnel during the inspection of vehicles in an automotive facility’s paint shop.

Handling Specialty got our start building for the automotive industry and have over 50 years of experience servicing the big four automotive manufacturers.   If you’re looking for a quote for your automotive assembly facility, contact us!