Personnel Lift Applications

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Handling Specialty has built Manlifts and Personnel lifts for multiple industries including Aerospace. Often in the Aerospace industry a design to assist in Painting cells or assembly facilities is requested in order to ergonomically place the workers around the products without the time-consuming set-up and tear-down required by scaffolding. Personnel lifts also aid in the safety of the workers and can be engineered to move people into place without compromising the production line movement.

These multi-faceted machines can become stationary assets in a work cell, or translate in and out of the area on wheels. From assembling airplane bodies, engines and landing gear, to massive painting cells, nothing assists the worker like a personnel lift. Nothing helps the work get done more efficiently then a custom engineered Manlift.

Handling Specialty has the experience and the talent to design a Personnel lift which will satisfy your specific application needs.

Personnel lifts also work well in ship building and submarine assembly as well as maintenance and repair tools.

Case studies are available for multiple versions in multiple designs for a myriad of industries and applications. Handling Specialty has been in business since 1963 and builds AGV’s and MGV’s for some of the most demanding functions.

To better understand whether your facility could benefit from a personnel lift system, contact for more information.