Our Professional Services Specialist



Meet Marek Cybula, Handling Specialty’s Professional Services Specialist. Mareks employment with Handling Specialty commenced in May of 2002, entering the company from the steel industry. Marek began his career at HSML in Quality Control, moved on to Health & Safety and then as Service Coordinator before accepting his current title.

“During my time in this role I have seen revenue from the Professional Services Group quadruple,” Marek explains, “and the staff grow into important roles like Parts Coordinator, Service Coordinator, a dedicated service team, along with our numerous installation professionals hand-picked from the ranks of our manufacturing plants.”

In his day to day, Marek oversees installations, where a Project Manager is not assigned, quotes installations and offers technical assistance.

“I sell Preventative Maintenance packages and equipment inspections to customers, support enquiries, warranties and trouble-shoot issues with equipment in an attempt to quickly resolve the customer’s questions,” he continues. “For all of this I rely on my PSG team and our engineering department for their expertise.”  The Parts and Services department aims for a speedy and satisfying resolution because they know that when equipment experiences a hic-up, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost to a manufacturing facility. Nowhere does “Time is Money” more aptly apply.

“I remember a job we completed for the world’s 3rd largest insurance underwriter in which we supplied two 80x80x75’ Four-post lifts to act as adjustable ceilings for their fire suppression tests.” Cybula recalls. “They suffered a catastrophic fire which damaged the units and sent HSML’s Parts & Services Group on multiple trips to replace and/or fix the damaged mechanical components scorched in the fire.”

Marek explains that his job is never boring, and always interesting in the ever-evolving and ever-changing environment that is Handling Specialty.

“We are constantly reinventing ourselves and pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the trends in manufacturing (i.e. AGV’s), and looking to place more people who can evolve along with us in positions of global support as we grow into new markets, whether it be for installations, training or maintenance.”