Nuclear Maintenance Platforms


The energy industry is an important part of Handling Specialty’s portfolio and few are as challenging as nuclear. This order included four units and one handling cart to move the product to its final destination through the plant. Each maintenance platform will dock in storage frames suspended above the rail tracks they will travel on during intermittent maintenance operations. These units are fitted with many safety features including tape switches for collision detection, limit switches, locks to secure base when the unit is stored, handrails, emergency stops, safety lock-up bars, 2 maintenance blocks, a hydraulic braking system, manual release valve, manual brake release, and lift cylinder manual release valve.

Each unit will also include a jib crane with an 82” reach, fold-down ramp, slider extension, onboard controls, rail alignment laser sight, an electrical outlet, a cable reel for power, hydraulic scissor lifts to meet multiple heights and for docking, and a hand-held pendant for docking/undocking operations.

The main platform on each has a capacity of 5,300 lbs, has a vertical travel of 177” and rise rate of 3”/second.

Nuclear power stations require experienced companies to approach their specific application needs. If your ageing nuclear facility is looking for custom maintenance platforms in order to do the work safely and efficiently, Handling Specialty is your first choice. Contact us today.