Niagara Comes to Handling Specialty

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Niagara Economic Development Comes to Handling Specialty

A group of International Investment Development Representatives visited Handling Specialty on May, 11th, 2018 through our contacts at Niagara Regions Economic Development.  This group of 25 represent the province of Ontario in-market, in the U.S., Europe and Asia, where their job is to promote the province as a location for investment opportunities.  Handling Specialty was one of a number of companies visited during the group’s tour of the Niagara region and were hosted by Tom Beach, President of HSML, for 2.5 hours as he spoke to their facility and the benefits their company has attracted due to their geographic location. 

Much of what was revealed through the president’s speech, select videos and slides impressed upon the group the many reasons they might consider attaching their efforts to the Niagara region. 

There is steel made locally from Hamilton; where two major producers enjoy unfettered access through both land and water. Processing facilities which offer finished steel services like galvanizing, heat treating, stress relieving, machining and coating of all varieties.

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The Niagara region was also touted as an ideal local because of its convenient boarder access to the U.S. within kilometers via land and water, as well as oceanic travel by way of the great lakes. That international flights from either Toronto’s Pearson Airport or through Buffalo offer easy access to the Niagara region was also tabled.

People are the backbone to any company, and that the Niagara region has been experiencing an influx of housing is bringing professionals and trades into the region at an accelerated rate.

Education was another item brought up with examples like Brock University and Niagara College along with McMaster University and Mohawk College all within a short drive of Handling Specialty’s Grimsby facility. This locally farmed talent can be easily integrated into any company located within the Niagara region.

Infrastructure including urban sprawl, new hospitals, schools and community including the diversity of landscape offered the fact that the Niagara region still has plenty of room to grow, and that there is a place for everyone.