Move Steel Easily

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How do you move heavy loads of steel from one station to another?

Handling Specialty’s custom engineered, rugged transfer vehicles offer flexibility to their designs allowing for the easy extension to the system, additional units, lifting capacities and more.  All of our equipment is built robustly, to withstand the harsh industrial environment of a steel mill.

Examples of our transfer vehicles in the steel industry include steel coil shuttles, which are self-propelled and are equipped with polyurethane-covered rollers to ensure that the coils are not damaged during handling.

Another example is our steel wire rod transfer tables, designed to shuttle heavy loads through an assembly line. These units can be engineered to included custom power-clamp tooling for added safety measures to fit your application needs. Our transfer vehicles are also designed for continuous running cycles, extreme duty conditions, and often include a heavy-duty scissor lift for precise positioning of the load.

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The support platforms may include rollers, chains or other transfer mechanisms to ergonomically position the loads from the vehicle to another station. Control panels and operator interfaces can be onboard the vehicle, or as hand-held remotes with an HMI screen the operator can access for realtime data in order to efficiently manage the transport orders.   These heavy-duty carriers can travel along rails, steered by other operator or automatically guided via smart tape, magnetic tape or simply a painted line.

Handling Specialty transfer vehicles s are engineered and tested to function reliably in the harsh industrial environment of a steel mill. For more information on this product line please contact Mike Roper at