MGV lifts and traverses 40,000 lbs

40 ton cut out 5

Handling Specialty continues to excel in designing custom manually guided vehicles for our diverse customer’s specific applications. Through working with these individual industries, Handling has built a considerable knowledge base around what works in an MGV and what doesn’t. This knowledge has proven to be equally beneficial as we continue to engineer custom automated guided vehicles as well.

One of the features included in this MGV, imagined for the Energy industry, is also capable of travelling along smart tape to offer precise positioning to each assembly station. Though the unit is manually operated via a hand-held remote control, once set on the tape, the MGV’s laser guidance system kicks in and the unit will not stray from its predetermined path.

40 ton cut out

Handling Specialty has developed many MGV’s, exceeding customer expectations and believe that MGV’s and AGV’s offer a proven advantage to any manufacturer and are only becoming more popular as safety and efficiency drive the industry forward.

For more on this latest MGV, please visit its product page. Video here.