MGV-AGV for Assembly of Engines

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Where ergonomics and efficient factory design meet heavy-duty lift and transfer equipment. That’s Handling Specialty’s wheelhouse. Robust, Custom material handling equipment built for specific applications for multiple industries. The Energy industry is one of our biggest customers, literally, building powerful engines to run generators for multiple applications.

In order to build those engines, a company needs a streamlined process with dependable handling equipment to assist in the manufacturing and assembly. With our over 55 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting our heavy equipment, Handling Specialty has the means to engineer a custom solution for any factory’s material handling equipment.

When designing for the assembly of large capacity engines for the energy industry, we take everything into consideration from moving the engines into precise positioning, to placing the people who will be working on the assembly, their comfort and safety.

Automated or manually guided vehicles feature prominently in the overall design, offering ease of transfer from one work cell to the next in the process. These vehicles can be guided by remote control or programmed to follow a specific route at varying speeds in order to get from point A to B efficiently and safely during their transit of the factory. Custom tooling is also considered, designed and built in-house at the Handling Specialty plants. Our AGV’s can include scissor lifts to further position the engine as well as headstock/tailstock rotating features to allow technicians full access to the engine without having to step below it.

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There are many options you can choose to include on your AGV/MGV from Handling Specialty, but only one option when looking for a custom, safe and efficient design. Contact Mike Roper for more on this material handling equipment.