Meet the MGV, Designed for the Locomotive Industry

 This Manually Guided Vehicle was engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty for the locomotive industry to assist in moving and lifting components for assembly on a raised passenger car.


This material handling vehicle includes castor wheels to support a 360 degree turning radius' and an elevating table top which can lift 5000 lbs and also perform a 360 degree spin. Fitted with durable bellows to assist in keeping outside debris from entering the mechanics of the MGV improves operation, life-span, and maintenance. Safety requirements are also met by actively reducing pinch-points from the scissor lifting device hidden behind the bellows.

The MGV can also drive at a reduced speed with the scissor lift table fully elevated when necessary. 

Handling Specialty specializes in unique, engineered to order lifting equipment for a diverse industry; ranging from manufacturing and aerospace to unique stages for the entertainment industry.

A short video of the MGV in action will offer a better understanding of this material handling unit's capabilities.